the project

posted Dec 2, 2008, 7:51 PM by Jordan Walker

The New Forms Project is creating a modular, sustainably powered structure for the presentation of an art exhibition on sacred, aesthetic, technology.  Inside this temporary space, process documentation and creative artifacts are presented.  They offer a glimpse of  emerging forms of thought, art, ritual and science that suggest viable alternatives to the dominant forms of today.

The New Forms Project will spend one year, and three specific, three-week long trips, to research these emerging forms and produce art pieces documenting them.  Believing that the root of these changes in external form is an internal transformation, the exhibit's content will largely be created through the perspective of the project's creators - Lach and Jordan.

Showcasing both the process and the fruits of a year-long "research and development" project - this installation will feature interactive elements that seek to expand the conception of art and become a dynamic example of what Joseph Beuys referred to as "social sculpture".  The exhibit will feature the conversations, interactions and personal experiences of people we've come into contact with over the year's travels as well as the exhibit participants whose interaction is captured with participatory art pieces.

A substantial piece grounding the exhibit will be a working model of sacred, aesthetic technology - currently envisioned as a shrine to the elemental power of water.  Utilizing flow-form science and symbols of devotion from the world's wisdom traditions, this art piece will be interactive and part of a scientific study testing it's results.
This art exhibit seeks to represent a recontextualizing of spiritual science for those familiar with anthroposophy, and a vibrant introduction for those not.

The installation will be completed for the Burning Man Arts festival in late summer, and will be on traveling display through the fall of 2009.