Initial Individual Budget Figures:

This budget figure is approximate and given for planning purposes only.  The individual amount will be reduced if additional participants join the trip. 

Based on 7 participants:  $1,450 each for the total 6 weeks (Aug.30 - Oct. 5) 

                  For shorter sections:  

                 $500 for the first week based on 7 people       

              $190 for each additional week based on 7 people     

         [for example; if participating for 3 weeks:  $500 + $190 + $190 = $880+ additionals]

- Everyone traveling on the bus will be required to contribute $100 toward a contingency fund.  The amounts above include this contribution.  This fund will only be used in emergencies (the bus breaks down, someone has unexpected medical problems, etc.).  Any remaining money not used at the tour's conclusion will be equally divided by everyone who has paid into it and reimbursed equally.

-Entry costs are additional and depend on the week.  This equals at least $500 for the 6 weeks with Burning Man ticket, minimal camp ground stays/park fees, museum admission, AGM conference registration, etc.  Each individual is responsible for their own entry fees, though we will work to negotiate low-cost alternatives whenever possible.

-The communal meal cost is included at $15 a day per person ($5 a meal x 3 meals a day).

This should cover very minimal, simple, healthy food and fresh water.

Desserts, snack foods, extra treats, bottled drinks, restaurant meals over $5, are all additional and would be covered by the individual who chooses to purchase them.  

The full (but still quite approximate) budget is available for download below.  This will be continually revised and is offered here for estimate planning use only.

Bus Tour,
May 26, 2009, 11:16 AM