Roll Call:

The Mercury in America Tour was envisioned by Dawn Stratton ( and Lachlan Grey and Jordan Walker of the new forms project (  The tour was loosely structured with each of the three taking on a sphere of the threefold social organism - cultural, economic and the rights sphere respectively.

Lauryn Morley, born in South Africa and living in British Columbia, was our documentarian and brought her fresh-from the Youth Initiative Program (YIP) energy to the group.

Morgan Sobel, an American living in Seattle, tirelessly ran the on-bus, fine dining, all-organic all-the-time, Chez Alchemy.

Ignacio Cisneros, born in Venezuela and living in Seattle, was our spiritual scientist in residence and continually offered opportunities for us to play witness to our own consciousness and the greater context around us.

James Steil from Alberta, Canada, headed the Philosophy of Freedom study group and offered insights for his research on the Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.

Jan and Teija Englund from Finland were the tour's check and balance and worked with Monika Podika to create the amazing candlelit labyrinth in Central Park on Michaelmas.

Monika Pudelka from Germany and fresh from Eurythmy training at the Goetheanum, led us in renegade Eurythmy forms.

Cathy Samuel from Spring Valley, NY, took up the logistics of planning our menus and figuring out what 12 people's worth of food looked like.  She also helped lead our Eurythmy circles.

Meaghan Witri, born and raised in Spring Valley New York, brought the tour singing.  She also brought on a moment of  improv where the back of the bus became a playground and the passengers a bunch of 4 year olds.

Eka Joti was our shaman-in-training, leading us in sunrise chi gong and awareness meditation.

Nathan Rouse joined us at Burning Man as a spirit observer and connection to the native american lineage of the country we were to travel through.

Dawn Stratton

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