Born, Lauryn Jessica Morley, at 10:15am on April 27th, 1988 in Johannesburg South Africa. My family moved to the West Coast of Canada when I was eleven and thus sparked my inner development. I was an active teenager in both my school and community. In college I studied art, environmental sustainability, philosophy and business. I continued my community and academic involvement through the student society, this time on a provincial and national level. After 18 months of studying I went back to South Africa to reconnect with my roots and try to match up memories that had become blurred. My intention was to stay for two months. I stayed for five. I embarked on an inner journey, trying to locate my true thoughts, feelings, and wills and where they had originated. For the last portion of my trip, I assisted in a genetics research study in the Kruger National Park where I discovered the International Youth Initiative Program in Sweden. I flew back to Canada but could not stop thinking of this program. Feeling an unexplainable pull towards it, I applied, was accepted and after being in Canada for two months, moved to Sweden. This is where I have lived for the past year.  

I initially became interested in Mercury in America because of the cosmically coincidental way in which it was introduced. Two people enthusiastically told me of the project independently of each other and I took it as a sign to at least check it out. After reading about the intent, content and background of the project, I became really excited about the potential of joining the Mercury Team. I want to be involved in this opportunity for adventure, service, art and learning about topics that truly interest me. I feel that the experience would benefit my development towards inner freedom, regardless of the outcome.


Describe your feelings about and experiences with:

Group living?

Love it. I feel that I can learn a lot about myself and the people I’m living with through experiencing their daily habits and rituals. There are, however, key elements that I feel need to be instilled in order for group living to work. These include but are not limited to respect, tolerance/understanding, and communication.


I’m an “Anthro-newbie” as the Waldorf educated participants call me. I find Anthroposophy fascinating and a philosophy/spirituality that I can really connect to. As I understand it, one of Steiner’s principal lessons was to inspire others to think for themselves. In this sense, I can say that I respect the lessons he left for us but am not a fan of presenters who cradle the term “Steiner said…”


Other forms of spiritual study and practice?

I consider myself an explorer of humanity. I use the I Ching for occasional guidance and will read my horoscope, Taurus, when I feel the need. I am fascinated by hand readings, star charts, Buddism, Christianity and most other religions. I hold a belief in a higher power, though I’m not completely sure what/who it is, and have great faith in the energy of the inner self. 

 What big questions about life are burning within you?

 The two questions that remain brightest within me are:

“How can I meet the world and maintain standing in my truth?” and “What is my task?”


     What skills, interests and passions could you bring to the tour?

 Creativity and enthusiasm. I’m confident in my creative problem solving skills and can manage most tasks with diligence, optimism and precision. I would consider myself a Jack of all trades to a mild degree. I know nothing of engines or aerodynamics but I’m a good cook, a story teller, a poet, and will sing until the sun rises if I know the words and someone has a guitar. I love taking photographs and would probably document the journey through still images. I am an experienced dancer and am redeveloping my love of public speaking. I would be happy to share my skills and experiences with anyone who asks. 


 What artistic or scientific experience or interests do you have?


I see art and science as one in the same to a degree. I studied art at college in Canada and then a few months later found myself doing genetics research in South Africa. I believe the two can be married under the right circumstances. I have an interest in general science though my weakness lies in advanced mathematics and chemistry. I also love watching the pulse of nature…beetles crawling, birds singing, water flowing, stones sitting, grass swaying. I try to keep my eyes open to new forms and expressions of art and science.