We will be completing our journey over six weeks across the country - from west coast to southwest, across the mid-west and to the northeast.  

Our Tentative Itinerary (subjective to certain tweaking)
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Saturday, August 29th: Mercury leaves Olympia, Washington

Sunday, August 30th:  Sweat lodge Ceremony in Gardnerville, NV

Monday, August 31st - Reno Airport pick-up and supply stops.

August 31st  - Sept. 7th:  The Burning Man Arts Festival - We arrive at the Black Rock desert Monday evening and leave Sunday night after the temple is burned.

Sept. 7th: A hotel room (and the most amazing hot shower you can imagine) on the Las Vegas strip.

Sept. 8th: Arizona - Prescott College. James Turrell’s Roden Crater?

Sept. 9th: New Mexico - Chaco Canyon with Elana 

Sept. 10th: Taos, NM - tour of the Earth Ships and the Pueblo Lands

Sept. 13th:  Angelic Organics (Farmer John’s farm in Illinois) 

Sept. 14th: East Troy, WI 

Sept. 15th: Headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society of North America, Ann Arbor, MI

Sept. 17th: Breakfast on Jordan's family farm -  East Berlin, PA 

Camp Hill Soltane  - Glenmoore, PA


Sept. 18th:  Threefold Educational Center - Spring Valley, NY 

September 19th - 21st:  Mountain cabin north of Sartoga Springs with Michael D Aleo

Sept. 21-24th:  Great Barrington, Hawthorne Valley, contact us if you'd like a visit!

Friday, Sept. 25th: Mercury in America "installed" as part of the exhibit at the Exhibitor's Reception for Transforming Capacities Art and Science Exhibition - Spring Valley, NY.   

Sunday, Sept. 27th:  Michaelmas Week at Threefold.

1pm - 4pm Michaelmas Festival and Prep Stirring at the Pfeiffer Center Garden

4pm Michaelmas Family Festival with Eurythmy, Music and Storytelling

Tuesday, Sept. 29th:  Michaelmas

2p.m.  Green Meadow Waldorf School Festival and Play

4p.m.  Fellowship Community Michaelmas Festival: Sowing Rye in the Fields

7:30p.m.  Lecture by Frank Chester: Sacred Geometry of the Earth

Wednesday, Sept. 30th: 

Exploring the Living History of the Anthroposophical Society in America

A Pilgrimage with Kevin Dann

Beginning in New York City and Arriving back in the Threefold Community

Some of the tour have the opportunity to stay in NYC while others will head back with new airport arrivals for :

Another chance to hear Frank Chester Speak - 4:30pm at the Fellowship Community

Eurythmy Spring Valley Pedagogical Graduation 7:30pm in the Auditorium

Thursday, Oct. 1st:

9am - 12pm  Inner Affinity: Cultivating a Human Connection: North American Youth Section Meeting 2009

3pm - 6pm Economic Round Table Sponsored by the Social Science Section of the School of Spiritual Science.

7:30pm Aeshylus Unbound An original play performed by Glen Williamson and Laurie Portocarrero.

9pm Evening Cafe with live music and refreshments

Friday, October 2nd 

9am - 11:30am  Open Forum: The North American Collegium of the School of Spiritual Science

1pm 2009 Annual Conference begins and carries on through 1pm the 4th.

Saturday, Oct. 3rd:

Creating Living Connections:  Christian Rosenkreutz and the Social Impulse Download brochure with weekend schedule below. 


Sunday, October 4th:  

9am - 1pmAnnual Member's Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in America and the

1pm - 4pm Closing reception of Transforming Capacities Art and Science Exhibition.

Monday, October 5th -  Processing Review of the tour. 


Tuesday, Oct. 6th:  The Camphill Foundation's annual fundraising concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC.

Drop offs at any of the NYC airports.

Bus Tour,
May 27, 2009, 10:10 AM