The Verse for America 

May our feeling penetrate 

Into the center of our heart, 

and seek, in love, to unite itself 

with the human beings seeking the same goal, 

with the spirit beings who - bearing grace, 

strengthening us from realms of light 

and illuminating our love - 

are gazing down upon 

our earnest, heart-felt striving. 

Verse given to Ralph Courtney by Rudolf Steiner for the Threefold Group 

Translation by Frederick Heckel

suggested reading for our research tour:

Start Now!
by Rudolf Steiner, Edited by Christopher Bamford, Steiner Books 1998.

Theory U : Leading from the future as it emerges. The social technology of presencing.  by C. Otto Scharmer, the Society for Organizational Learning 2007.
Introduction and 1st chapter may be downloaded below.

Bus Tour,
Jun 5, 2009, 6:58 AM
Bus Tour,
Jun 5, 2009, 6:57 AM